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Your Social Media Platfoms are the places to jump up and down screaming for audience attention. Today’s automation makes it easier for you to take on the marketing and media needs of your company. Creating and maintaining a Media Strategy is time-consuming. Just because you can create content or shoot video doesn’t mean that you should spend your time on it.

You are the leader; you define the vision, set direction, and drive revenue. Adding time-draining tasks to your already full schedule distracts from your vision and does not generate revenue.

We encourage you to look at your business and outsource the time killers a virtual professional.
Contact us to discuss how we will take the pressure off you to design content without wasting valuable time.


Social media allows you to meet your audience anytime, right at your fingertips. Your content is where you get their attention.
We work with you to create a social media strategy. Some clients just want our help to get set up on the various platforms and to give them some direction. Other clients rely on us for media management services across various platforms.

We perform a market analysis and social media audit for you and work with you to set goals and create a marketing strategy for your brand. 


You may have topics that you would like shared on your Blog. Getting this content out to your customers is huge. Your Blog is a personal tool to keep your customer’s attention. It is a personal communication to begin a new business relationship, allowing you to gain credibility before ever making personal contact.

Blogging takes time. It is very common for an individual to start a Blog, and then get busy, letting months go by without another one. We can ghostwrite your blog for you weekly, keeping it current with your message. 

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Graphic/Video Design

Do you have a video or a YouTube page that needs an editor? Maybe you are looking for a producer for your podcast? How about Logo Development? Our in-house video designer is here to meet your graphic needs.

Affiliate Links and Reviews

In the BETA Blog, we provide a wide range of content. Many of the blogs will contain affiliate links for vendors and products that we have found to be very helpful in our virtual journey. We encourage you to look at the blog to see you would like us to write for your blog.


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Our Team

Our family supporting yours

You may be familiar with the quote: “Think of only three things: your God, your family, and the Green Bay Packers in that order.” In football, Coach Lombardi’s mystique is legendary. In fact, the NFL named the most important trophy in the game after him. Like Vince used to say, “Winning isn’t everything: it’s the only thing.”

We will not discuss God (religion), this is not the place for that. BCC is a family company. A place where we can take our differences (age, philosophies, education, experience, Gen X vs Millennial) and make them work for you. He also included the Green Bay Packers (his employer). Like the coach, we don’t always keep the job and family in the order he laid out, but we try to. That’s part of the reason we went into business together.

We are a highly competitive group. Driven by providing exceptional service. When we partner with a client, we are committing to give you our most valuable possession, our time. We also commit to respect your time. We are available to provide a one time service, but our goal is to be a long-time partner with your business.

Scott Nielsen

Owner – Managing Director


Angie Nielsen

Owner – Social Media Director


Jaybin Nielsen

Video & Graphic Designer